We are Italians, we know what you like 

Italian cuisine is known around the world and represents a fixed point of reference for good taste and authenticity of the products.

The main characteristics that distinguish it is the simplicity of the dishes, the freshness of the ingredients, the rich regional diversity. And it is certainly a very important part of Italian culture.

Talking about it in an exhaustive way, is not an easy task, given the breadth of the kitchen. National cuisine can be defined as a set of regional food cultures and traditions that have contributed to create a model and style identifiable with "Italian cuisine." Italian cuisine is one of the most popular, so that all the peoples of the world can know and improve the great variety of recipes, kindness and, above all, authenticity.

The Italian gastronomy is identified with the famous Mediterranean diet, but, thanks to the different cultures that have happened throughout history, each region and even each province can boast a different and completely original culinary identity.
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