posted 12 Jan 2016, 04:13 by Marta Conterio

 We offer the Crema di Funghi Prataioli al profumo di tartufo, at a very competitive price, only € 6.40 for a bottle of 760 GR. This cream has a lot of use, here are some suggestions: Tagliatelle di funghi prataioli cream and sausage, Ricotta and cream di funghi prataioli Ravioli , Ricotta and cream di funghi Crostini  or pancetta and cream di funghi prataioli Bruschetta, Pizza Impetratrice  mozzarella, cream prataioli di funghi and mixed mushrooms, Pumpkin and cream funghi prataioli Lasagna , Speck and cream funghi prataioli Pappardelle, several types of Piadina, focaccia.


posted 3 Nov 2015, 07:23 by Marta Conterio

Directly from Italy we present our new DOP buffalo mozzarella and burrata.
A new tidbit 125 grams, a typical Italian braid and the burrata with leaves.

Aperol Promotion Pack

posted 17 Mar 2015, 05:22 by Marta Conterio   [ updated 17 Mar 2015, 06:39 ]

This new campaign Aperol Spritz that will promote from today 17 March 2015. The pack is composed of 3 bottles of Aperol per 1 liter, 2 bottles of cava Codorniu, 1 siphon. The price is € 10.95 for each bottle of Aperol, you will also get free the 2 bottles of cava and siphon.  Ask your salesman.

Carnival Sweets

posted 15 Jan 2015, 02:16 by Marta Conterio   [ updated 15 Jan 2015, 02:29 ]

Here we are, already past the festive season of Christmas and comes the Carnival and here in Comit we offer you our sweets, chiacchere,  bugie stuffed with a nuts cream and a delicious tortelli.  Ask your vendor before the 29th of January.

Christmas at Comit' home

posted 19 Nov 2014, 07:55 by Marta Conterio



Hello!! This is a little part of product offering by Comit for Christmas.
To learn more, ask your sales.

Special offer by Barilla

posted 21 Feb 2014, 07:00 by Marta Conterio

 Exceptional offer, Barilla Penne  Lisce bag of 5 kg only 9 €. 
 While stocks last


posted 20 Feb 2014, 06:57 by Marta Conterio

 Are you looking for great surprises for Easter? COMIT serves traditional Italian  chocolate eggs with milk chocolate and dark chocolate at once, with big surprises  for the children.
 We also have our classic dove with almonds and sugar that will encourage you on  Easter Sunday with a fragrant flavor and crisp.

Typical carnival sweets of Italy

posted 13 Jan 2014, 04:00 by Marta Conterio   [ updated 15 Jan 2015, 02:13 ]


Here we are, already past the festive season comes the Carnival and here in Comit we offer you our sweets, chiacchere, chiacchere chocolate-covered, bugie riccie, stuffed with apricot or  stuffed with Nutella. Ask your vendor.

The new PANETTONI are arrived

posted 25 Oct 2013, 04:18 by Marta Conterio   [ updated 4 Nov 2013, 03:39 ]


We are again close to Christmas, Grupo Comit informs you that we got the new panettone. Many varieties, chocolate cake, tiramisu, chocolate and cream. Of course, the Panettone Classico that this year we offer in three different sizes, from 100 GR., 500 and 1 KG. To complete our offer there are also panettone tin with beautiful Christmas  designs and the classic panettone pastry-wrapped hand.
Ask your salesman immediately receive an offer!!!


posted 8 Oct 2013, 03:42 by Marta Conterio   [ updated 28 Oct 2013, 05:07 ]

Bacio della Luna

Grupo Comit welcome in his family of Prosecco the new "Bacio della Luna" Superior Prosecco Valdobbiadene DOCG Millemimato. This elegant sparkling wine with a straw yellow color, with a perlage elegant, fine and persistent, represents the characteristics that make it a unique product of Prosecco. Its delicate bouquet of flowers, acacia and wisteria, combined with the fragrance of fresh fruits such as pear and peach, in the mouth a joyful feeling of balance.Perfect as an aperitif, ideal accompaniment to a selected number of dishes, from seafood to exotic cuisine. 

Serving Temperature: 8 ° - 10 ° C

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