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The panettone sweet bread called panettone is a bun made ​​with a brioche-type dough, raisins and candied or crystallized fruits. Is domed and the dough is made with flour, yeast, eggs, butter and sugar. It is a traditional Christmas dessert in Milan (Italy).

Given its international popularity, efforts have been made to obtain a Geographical Indication and Controlled Denomination of Origin for this product.

With typical dome shape and a height of about 12-15 cm, is served in vertical slices, accompanied by hot chocolate or sweet wines such as Asti spumante or muscadine wine, and even wines with more body.

The panettone is consumed in different ways, whether thick or thin slices for breakfast or dessert after lunch. In some countries is served toasted and smeared with sauces and jams or coated or filled with cream.

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