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It is a food preservation technique used today, and practically useful for any kind of foodstuff. Food is sealed in its container after getting the vacuum and heated. Any body is removed by this procedure, and others can not follow because the foods are insulated sealed tin. The entire process, which includes filling and sealing cans or containers, is done automatically in modern industries. The microorganisms and enzymes need for some degree of temperature change of food, but excessive heat destroys them. So is heat sterilization used to preserve food, especially canned. The filled and sealed cans are subjected to high temperatures (between 100 ° and 150 ° C.) for a certain time. Once sterilized cans, and while they do not open and deteriorate, including the products remain unchanged for a long time. It is therefore useless to save the cans in a refrigerator before opening. Bottling is usually used for fruits and vegetables. The process is similar to canning, but the food is placed in bottles rather than cans

Offer and News
  • CREMA DI FUNGHI PRATAIOLI AL PROFUMO DI TARTUFO  We offer the Crema di Funghi Prataioli al profumo di tartufo, at a very competitive price, only € 6.40 for a bottle of 760 GR. This cream has a lot ...
    Posted 12 Jan 2016, 04:13 by Marta Conterio
  • NEW PRODUCTS Directly from Italy we present our new DOP buffalo mozzarella and burrata.A new tidbit 125 grams, a typical Italian braid and the burrata with leaves.
    Posted 3 Nov 2015, 07:23 by Marta Conterio
  • Aperol Promotion Pack This new campaign Aperol Spritz that will promote from today 17 March 2015. The pack is composed of 3 bottles of Aperol per 1 liter, 2 bottles of cava Codorniu ...
    Posted 17 Mar 2015, 06:39 by Marta Conterio
  • Carnival Sweets Here we are, already past the festive season of Christmas and comes the Carnival and here in Comit we offer you our sweets, chiacchere,  bugie stuffed with a nuts cream ...
    Posted 15 Jan 2015, 02:29 by Marta Conterio
  • Christmas at Comit' home          Hello!! This is a little part of product offering by Comit for Christmas.To learn more, ask your sales.
    Posted 19 Nov 2014, 07:55 by Marta Conterio
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