Penne, spaghetti, fusilli and many more 

In Italy, pasta, which is the third part of total consumption in the world, is obtained by extrusion, rolling and drying the pasta prepared with only semolina flour or flour of durum wheat (60% is produced locally ) and water. With 28 kg per capita per year, the Italians has always been the first in the world for the consumption of pasta. At a great distance, Venezuela is the second country highest comsumpiot of pasta. 37% of Italian consumption is produced in the North (24 kg per capita), 23% in the center (28 kg per capita) and 40% in the south of Italy (34 kg per capita). Exports account for about 50% of Italian production and follow growing due to the increase in demand in traditional markets (Germany, France, Great Britain, Spain, USA, etc..) And the expansion of markets of Easter Europe and Asia (Russia, Poland, India, China, etc.).

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