A rice for each recipe 

There are about ten thousand varieties of rice. The usual categorization of the rice is cooking:

Long grain rice, which can be between four and five times the length of its thickness. It has a high amount of amylose and therefore requires a high proportion of water to cook. It is widely used in Chinese and Indian cuisine and is the best selling in the United States.

Medium grain rice, which has a length between two and three times its thickness. Contains less amylose than long grain rice. It is the most used in Spanish cooking (the "rice bomb" used in the paella. Addition is used in the kitchen of Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, where it is a daily food consumption. Also used in Valencian cuisine and Italian food (risotto).

Short grain rice, almost spherical appearance, which is usually found in Japan, China and North Korea. It is ideal for making sushi because the grains remain united even at room temperature. Wild rice, from the genus Zizania, used in both feeding and harvesting proceeds as growing wild. It has a long grain that can reach almost 2 cm long.

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    Posted 15 Jan 2015, 02:29 by Marta Conterio
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