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The line of Mamma Tina, meets all products of the Italian tradition: all tastes and passions that every day we are in our case, each dish prepared with love, always, from our mothers. The Italian style is a passion for beauty in all its forms. The food containing the heart of all traditions and roots, and is a symbol of coexistence, family and identification in our culture. The food is an expression of the variety and uniqueness of the Italian territory. Each product is the result of tradition, passed down from generation to generation! Brand Mamma Tina was created in order to provide the best value for food service professionals: the best quality at the lowest cost is the goal. The range of products offered by Mama Tina was designed to meet the needs of Italian chefs in the world. The products represent the basic ingredients of Italian cuisine.

Our Products

            REF. 17020 MAMMA TINA PELATI 3 KG