Spain- Omelette 1810

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Nothing French but became known as such during the siege of Cadiz from de French in 1810. Lack of food forced its inhabitants to replace their diet potato omelette without tubercle for his version: the "omelette"


France- Croquette

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The first written document about the croquettes dates back to 1691, when a cook of Louis XIV, king of France, leaves written a recipe that combines truffle with chicken crumbs and cheese and entitled "croquette". The onomatopoeic origin of the word comes from the French "croquer" (crackle). Our country came a couple of centuries later, adopting the name croqueta.

Italy - Pizza Margherita 1860

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Pizza Margherita

To honor the Queen of Italy, Margherita of Savoy, the cook Raffaele Esposito of the Brandi pizzeria created the mother of all pizzas, representing through its ingredients (tomato - red - mozzarella- white- and basil - green)  the colors of the Italian flag.

Spain - Gilda 1948

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More than 60 years ago in the Vallès House Donosti (San Sebastian) served wine in Porron served with Anchovies, olives and peppers. A customer decided stringing these three delicacies on a stick, and this invention became the most requested cover of the tavern. I also put the name Gilda, in honor to the movie starring actress Rita Hayworth that, as this cover was "green, salty and a little spicy."

Great Britan - Sandwich 1762

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Its origins date back to the eighteenth century, when the English aristocrat John Montagu IV, Earl of Sandwich invented this formula to play cards while eating without getting dirty fingers. Two simple slices of bread, good ingredients and a little imagination .. success was guaranteed!

France - Tarte Tatin 1948

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Tarte Tatin

One of the most famous pastry recipes France is due to ... a slip. Apparently, Stéphanie Tatin, who ran a hotel with his sister, was preparing an apple pie when she has been misunderstood and caramelized fruits forgetting put the dough underneath. For diners did not realize, she arrange it cover the error putting the dough on top. And voila!

Russia - Russian salad 1860

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Russian Salad

The top star of all the bars! Apparently his crador was Lucien Olivier Guillerminav, the cook in front of the kitchen of the Hermitage, a prestigious Moscow restaurant late nineteenth century. If his name was initially "Olivier salad", its whitish appearance (mayonnaise) snowy landscapes reminiscent of the country, led to the nickname "Russian".

Italy- Carpaccio 1950

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Amalia Nani Mocenigo, a countess to which the doctor had prescribed eat raw meat, came the famous restaurant Giuseppe Cipriani in Venice. This will prepare a dish with thin slices of beef accompanied by a creamy sauce. The recipe charm to the countess and the chef named his creation in honor of the intense colors "especially red" of the works of painter Vittore Carpaccio.

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