Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well

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Pellegrino Artusi. The great-grandfather of all Italian cookbooks, in print continuously in Italy since 1894, is finally available in a splendid English translation. Artusi was a passionate cook, a noted raconteur, and a celebrated host, and he knew many of the leading figures of his day. From soups, pasts, roasts, and stew to desserts, preserves, liqueurs, and specialty dishes, this is a book that no lover of Italian cooking should be without. His merit was in codifying, re-ordering and classifying Italy’s great tradition of domestic cuisine, which is in itself, the result of extraordinary regional varieties and traditions. His is a cookbook embellished with detailed prose about daily life and historical trivia. It’s been a fundamental part of Italy’s national identity that has been read around the world. Like few other texts, Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well, should be considered a unifying tool for this country and its gastronomic, linguistic and cultural patrimony.


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 In the library there is a new book by the Milanese chef Claudio Sadler ( ), two Michelin stars. His new "Manual of the Chef " with the subtitle " technique , tools , recipes and tips Chef to hone skills and creativity in the kitchen " (Giunti Editore, 288 pages, 19,90 € ) from the real basics of cooking and guides the reader quickly through the choice of the right tools in the kitchen, seasonal products, suitable cuts of meat and fish, the cooking, the basic preparations, but putting it to the test with 40 recipes carefully explained and fotograte by Francesca Brambilla and Serena Serrans .

 This " cheatsheet " of the cooking techniques can entice you to hone your skills as a cook who is also an illiterate in the kitchen, who have to cook every day for the family and those who do it for pleasure and with great passion. Learning to vary and refinement, of preparing various dishes and worthy of a world-class restaurant. There are plenty of tips for the service, the food and the presentation, recipes designed for an elegant dinner, a brunch, aperitif and the pairings with wine.

 But what is the real secret to the success of a dish , according to Sadler ? " Do it and do it again, just so you can do it in a perfect way," replied the chef. To challenge we have selected three recipes: Paccheri Verrigni stuffed with creamed cod, cream of watercress and Raspadura Lodigiana; Chicken double malt beer with cabbage and mashed potatoes; Basmati rice with vegetables and prawns Oriental. Discover step by step how to prepare them in the gallery.


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Food Street all'italiana

Gigi Padovani, for many years a journalist and editor at La Stampa and now collaborator of the newspaper Leggo, along with his wife, Clara Vada Padovani, food critics and an expert in the history of cooking, they wrote (as already announced by INformaCIBO) a new book for the 'publisher Giunti: Italian Street Food. Street food for licking your fingers. "

The volume contains no less than 54 recipes collected by the authors in a road trip to Italy, in addition to 5 chefs who have given their own personal interpretation to the recipes, chef of the caliber of Bottura, Picchi, Scabin, Sultan and Uliassi.
Do not miss an interview with the master of Italian cuisine, Gualtiero Marchesi.

But above all, there are 20 stories (in addition to the history of Italian street food) of women and men who continue to work in their kiosks according to tradition, some of which graduates or graduates, who choose to remain.

Paste Fresche e Ripiene

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A volume that offers a collection of recipes by tje bests Italian chefs: Brino Barbieri, Davide Oldani, by Heinz Beck to Alfonso Iaccarino throught the neo tri-star Enrico Cerea. Dishes simple or elaborate, richly presented or draw according to the culinary avant-garde minimalist trends, are all the result of the daily work in the kitchen and as such perfectly reproducible or proposed again.

Alfonso Jaccarino

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Don Alfonso 1890. Sant'Agata sui due golfi. From the Mediterranean to the world. In this volume Licia Granello, journalist of "La Repubblica", has collected the most significant recipes Alfonso Iaccarino, icon of the Mediterranean cuisine. Very high quality of raw materials, the balance between culinary tradition bell and a spirit of innovation and creative curiosity, is the philosophy that has made his family-run restaurant, a benchmark for gourmets worldwide. Each chapter consists of recipes and photographs of the "plates" Heart Iaccarino family, from historical recipes to new creations that have conquered the world illustrated.

Gualtiero Marchesi

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"Il BIG Ricettario" Gualtiero Marchesi, is a great classic Italian and international cuisine dedicated to lovers of culinary art. Many tips for choosing the right ingredients, food store and prepare the table. 2300 very detailed recipes to transform any dish into a masterpiece. The cookbook is divided into sauces and condiments, appetizers, pasta dishes, meat, fish, eggs, vegetables and desserts.

Gordon Ramsay

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The book is a real cooking class, full-color, accessible to anyone, from beginners to experts. The first course of the first of the chef. 120 tempting dishes with simple and detailed explanations. Tricks to review and customize the tradition, with a hint of spice and East. Advice on techniques, tools and preparations based on those who have yet to start and want to learn from the best. All the secrets to perfect cooking, with recipes for bread, rolls and cakes.

Jamie Oliver

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This book was created to satisfy all those who have less and less time available, but do not want to give up the pleasures of the table: more than a hundred unique dishes to prepare in fifteen minutes every day to give a lunch or dinner memorable. in creating these recipes, in fact, I managed to reduce bone preparation time without sacrificing creativity and quality of the ingredients, but using all my secrets of the chef, the optimization of each step and make sure that the information essential are always clear and the result is a series of fantastic dishes, some real mini-menu, tasty and complete nutritional point I was inspired by culinary traditions from around the world - .. and I indulged with an extraordinary variety of ingredients - bring in your kitchen smells and tastes more tempting and irresistible and prove to you that the minutes are counted does not necessarily mean having to settle for what happens in the monastery every recipe has been developed with care and love for each other. can be carved in the frenzy of everyday life a break to pursue good food. will be happy to surprise your loved ones, or even unexpected guests, offering a meal fit for a special occasion, even on a normal day. "(Jamie Oliver)

Carlo Cracco

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Recipes classic and traditional dishes revisited by the inspiration of a Michelin starred chef, cooking classes with the procedures outlined in detail (no mistake) and stories of life in the kitchen and not: picnic by the lake with sauce fresh tomato mother's kitchen Gualtiero Marchesi in Milan and Alain Ducasse in Monte Carlo. Carlo Cracco accompanies the foodies (experts and real beginners) create a unique and innovative that will allow everyone to learn the basic preparations, cooking techniques, tricks and secrets of the kitchen, with a satisfaction guarantee! contribute to table dishes of high quality. You learn cooking, chef's recipes with precision and rigor ago by Cicero in the fascinating world of food. Only a cooking class, suitable both for those who are taking the first steps, for those who want a chance to prove himself with the ideas of the most incredible kitchen Carlo Cracco.

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