posted 13 Nov 2013, 03:55 by Marta Conterio

 In the library there is a new book by the Milanese chef Claudio Sadler ( ), two Michelin stars. His new "Manual of the Chef " with the subtitle " technique , tools , recipes and tips Chef to hone skills and creativity in the kitchen " (Giunti Editore, 288 pages, 19,90 € ) from the real basics of cooking and guides the reader quickly through the choice of the right tools in the kitchen, seasonal products, suitable cuts of meat and fish, the cooking, the basic preparations, but putting it to the test with 40 recipes carefully explained and fotograte by Francesca Brambilla and Serena Serrans .

 This " cheatsheet " of the cooking techniques can entice you to hone your skills as a cook who is also an illiterate in the kitchen, who have to cook every day for the family and those who do it for pleasure and with great passion. Learning to vary and refinement, of preparing various dishes and worthy of a world-class restaurant. There are plenty of tips for the service, the food and the presentation, recipes designed for an elegant dinner, a brunch, aperitif and the pairings with wine.

 But what is the real secret to the success of a dish , according to Sadler ? " Do it and do it again, just so you can do it in a perfect way," replied the chef. To challenge we have selected three recipes: Paccheri Verrigni stuffed with creamed cod, cream of watercress and Raspadura Lodigiana; Chicken double malt beer with cabbage and mashed potatoes; Basmati rice with vegetables and prawns Oriental. Discover step by step how to prepare them in the gallery.